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Hey Watz Up I'm Evelyn. ^_^ you can add me, if you have yahoo im:: eternitys_charm

well I love writting. as you may see I have a collection of fanfics, [[more on my computer, though i'm not done with]]

Twilight was the first book that i actually did fanfic for and I hope I am doing a good job with it.

I am pro EDWARD 100% TEAM EDWARD. I LOOOVE EDWARD [do you get im pro edward? lol xD ] and despise Jacob with a passion that my friends sometimes thik I over do it with the hatred. lol. but I do have a soft side for writting about him.

love listening to music to get me out of my writer's block. and i just love music. any type is entertaining for me

my favorite bands are MUSE, Linkin Park, Evanescence, and My Chemical Romance.
[fell in love with muse before I knew stephenie loved them, also!]]

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