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It's about time that I updated my profile so here goes...

I love the Twilight universe and for me fan fiction is a really important part of that. I'm pretty open to reading any type of fanfic (wolves, vampires, canon, AU, AH, unexpected pairings, historical, futuristic...) but I am still a wolf girl at heart.

All my stories were strictly canon until recently, when I started work on an AH/AU. I currently have two works in progress, both Nessie/Jake stories. The Tracker which is canon and The Black Pirate which is the opposite. The balance between the two has been great from my point of view, and has definitely helped me to find a happy middle ground :)

If you are interested in reading my AH/AU swashbuckling historical romance, here's the link to the story on

Apart from that, I am a make-up artist, from London.  I have been taking time off work to look after my two kids, which might explain why my mind often wanders off into the world of Twilight :)

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