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::::some sex-related content, mostly bluff and stuff:::::
It was past midnight when I heard Edward come through the front door with Alice on his trail. They were arguing about something again, and I kind of knew what it was about.

“Alice you don’t seem to understand; I wont be able to do that to her, even if she wanted me to. Your vision must be false.” He fumed, “and why do you always have to bring this up? I can’t even come home without you being ‘She is going to be one of us you know’" He added exasperated

I rolled my eyes as the two of them argued about the same person again. Edward had been talking about her for quite some time now. Both Edward and Alice were at each other’s throats trying to convince one another that the girl in Alice’s vision was truly going to be one of us.

I didn’t get the big deal about it, why would it matter if the girl would be one of us? I also didn’t know why Edward talked about her so much, his feeling were what confused me even more. At first that girl, Bella, had brought him fury and frustration, now it brings him joy and love.

I couldn’t understand why and I was curious to know.

"Edward, it is going to happen. I know it is. No matter how much you want to deny it, she will become one of us. Besides you brought it up, you said you were thinking about it." Alice pressed on with a giggle.

"Alice you can’t see human’s very well so how could you possibly know if it is true or not?" Edward kept denying.

That I didn’t understand either, I thought he loved her.
"I do love her Jasper. That is why I can’t do that to her. I can’t make her into one of us, us who are doomed to a life of hell." I should have known he'd be listening to my thoughts.

"Well Edward Cullen since you love her so much, you are going to have to deal with the fact that she will become a vampire soon." Alice didn’t let go of the subject.

“You know she has a point Edward. If you truly love that girl as much as you say, and feel, then you will have to deal that she is going to be a ‘Cullen’.”

"No she wont, now both of you just shut up!"Edward roared, sending echoes around the house.

“If she wants to be doomed to a life of hell then that’s her problem, Edward.” Alice continued with a chime.

"I, for one, am happy that Edward doesn’t want to change this girl. She’s a menace to all of us." Rosalie appeared in the room. She hadn’t been too happy about Bella since day one.

That seemed to pull the trigger on Edward, "Rosalie I have reasons for not wanting Bella to be a vampire and they are not selfish ones like yours seem to be."

I had to do something before Edward got out of control. I rushed downstairs and flew a wave of calm throughout the room.

"Uh... changing the subject; how is Bella? I mean I do need to know how family is doing." Alice rambled, anything to avoid more conflict between Rosalie and Edward.

"Shut up Alice, and it’s still on the same topic: Bella. And she is not family!" Rosalie really hated the idea of Bella and us a family.

Edward ignored Rosalie’s comment, "She is doing fine, actually."

Alice beamed then glared at Rosalie, "You are almost as stubborn as Edward but at least he considers her family."

Rosalie escaped the room. What were we going to do with her?

"So Edward, what are you doing here anyway? Aren’t you suppose to be with Bella?" He always spent the night at her house. I could immediately feel his emotions when I mentioned Bella; “fluff”, affection, and sometimes, if I say the right thing; embarrassment. I liked to make him feel embarrassed. "What do you do over there anyway? Humans aren’t that interesting when they are asleep." I could feel a flicker of embarrassment now.

"Or are they Edward?"

Just to make him feel worse and help me out, Emmett came in, obviously he had been hearing the conversation "If this Bella is anything like Rosalie, she sleeps in a silk tank top and see through underwear." He winked at Edward.

Edward had anger, embarrassment, anger, and more anger in his emotions at that point.

I wanted to put more embarrassment in it and Emmett agreed. "Yeah I bet that’s it. Or she could also sleep naked." He mused. "Or does she have those cute little silk robes with her?"

“Does she strip for you?” I asked.

Now it was pure embarrassment. Too bad he is a vampire or else he could have been beat red.

"No that’s not it, its something that you boys would not understand." I felt a flicker of ‘love’ pass through him. He knew he liked the idea of Bella and those silk outfits, maybe a little too much, but he shrugged it off. "And to answer your hanging question Jasper, I came here to tell you that I am bringing her here later on today."

We all gaped at Edward as he finished his news. We were finally going to be able to meet this Isabella Swan.
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